Conference registrations are open!

Rroma-workers from across Romania will join together to be refreshed, while “Building Resilience Together”. The fourth RWN Conference will be held at Vlahita, Romania, 20-24 May, 2024.

Register for conference before 1 May, 2024!

  1. Sign up for an RWN account to ensure that you will receive updates for upcoming conferences and events. 
  2. Tell other Rroma-Workers in Romania about our conference! If you know another worker who doesn’t have internet access and would like to be part of the network, please email contact us.

The New Website is Ready!

Thank you for your patience at this time.

  1. Go to to sign up for an RWN account and fill in the profile questions.
  2. Once you are validated as an RWN worker, you’ll get access to your profile and can update your profile.
  3. Having a validated member account will enable you to complete the Conference Registration form online, as well as access other services and resources only available to workers.


The Rroma-Workers Network (RWN), Romania, is free to join for Christian workers and organisations who work with Rroma people and communities across Romania. The RWN has many members in different parts of Romania covering a variety of ministry focuses, and it’s growing! You will find translators, Scripture-use workers, educators, pastors, community workers, and more!

​As a member of the community, you get access to free resources that other workers have created, and have the copyright to, so that you don’t have to worry about whether or not you can use the resource. We also invite you to contribute what resources you have created, for other members to use. So why not join today and tell other Rroma-workers to do the same! The more workers who join, the more networks and resources will become available!

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