RWN Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the RWN website? Why was this website created?

So that those who work with Rroma communities around Romania can be more equipped to reach these communities for Christ. As workers contribute their resources to the website, others can benefit from using them also, helping eliminate the need to re-invent the wheel, but it takes involvement from all workers to make this site the most effective it can be. 

Who are the primary intended users of this site?

On the ground field workers are able to register and access a greater proportion of information and resources on this website, however anyone may benefit from the general access pages, especially our legion of prayer partners and financial partners around the world. 

Who created this website?

The Rroma-Workers Network (RWN) is run in partnership with Pioneers. The RWN was established by Manda Pidgeon, in November 2014, after much research, prayer and experience of living and working alongside Rroma people and communities in Romania.  See here for more information.

What are some of the benefits of this site?
  • It’s available in English and Romanian, which are the primary languages used by RWN workers.
  • ​It encourages workers to keep the bigger perspective in working together with people across the whole of Romania to reach the Rroma communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • It provides a way for workers to share resources and ideas, so that everyone’s not trying to reinvent the wheel- but spend time on the important aspects of ministry.
What are some of the limitations of the RWN website?
  • ​It’s only useful to those who use it. It requires every worker to invest a little time to complete their part. Notifications/subscriptions for updates etc will help aid ongoing communication between workers.
  • It doesn’t replace relationships between workers, but it will help provide an avenue of communication when physical distance is an obstacle
  • It provides an avenue for group communication- eg advising of conference details and easy access for downloading documents such as registration forms.
Where does the information and data come from and how often is it updated?
  • Through the contribution of all Rroma Workers, statistics etc are more accurately taken as estimates and don’t claim to be 100% accurate or up to date. All workers are able to make suggestions to help keep the information up to date.
  • It is an effort to compile and integrate ‘ethnic’ peoples research from various global, regional and national sources into a comprehensive whole. We are deeply grateful to the sources who have provided data to the RWN. We invite you to submit any information you have related to particular people groups using this form.
  • ​It is updated as often as workers provide new information- usually at least every two weeks.
How can I submit photos, documents, or other resources if I'm not a Rroma-worker?
  • We welcome all resources to do with Rroma ministries. You can suggest or submit resources such as images, data and audio files etc using the ‘Add Resource’ form. Please include all relevant details of the resource, such as location, people group, language, date, original source, copyright information, the type of file eg PDF, mp4 etc. Be sure to attach your file and to read the usage agreement at the bottom of the form.
  • Alternatively, you can email the above information and resource to
  • Please designate if you want your name listed as the source or if you prefer the source be “Anonymous”. For privacy considerations, if no designation is given we will not associate your name with the media.
  • ​RWN information comes from a variety of individual and organisational sources. 
How can I suggest feedback, updates or ask questions about the RWN website?

The RWN welcomes your input as we continue to develop this website for both workers and supporters. Please send any feedback, corrections or updates on the feedback form or email us at

Where can I find the Bible in Romanian or Rroma dialects for my church, ministry or personal use?
I'm interested in serving with the Rroma- are there any opportunities you can tell me about?

Yes, as opportunities arise, our workers provide information about ‘opportunities to serve’. These can be found on the Get Involved page.

How do I get my location added to the locations map?

Upon registration, you should have been added, but if not, contact us .

I know a Rroma worker who doesn't have internet access, how can they register for the RWN conference?

If a worker doesn’t have internet access and cannot create a worker profile, you can download and print a copy of the registration papers for them.

  1. Go to the ‘Networking’ tab; RWN Conferences; RWN 2024 Conference. There is a table on this page with downloadable Registration forms and advertising brochures in both Romanian and English. 
  2. Please either scan and email the completed registration papers to, or post them back to the address indicated on the papers.
I've signed up as a worker- now what?

Great!! Welcome to the Rroma-Workers Network! To help you get started, go to the ‘Start Here‘ tab under Networking and this will give you some ideas about how you can best use the website.

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