Support a worker to come to our 2024 RWN Conference

Costs to support an RWN worker

It costs 810 RON per worker, to attend the RWN conference in 20-24 May 2024, including their accommodation, meals and all resources for the week.

(Administrative costs to support a Rroma-worker will mean that sponsorships total AUD$315, USD$205, EUR190. Personal Registration costs do not incur the admin fee.)

How to give your Gift to Support a Worker?

Click the link

Under ‘My Donation is for…’ write ‘RWN24 sponsor’

Sponsorships can continue to be received for future conference sponsorships.

Our Rroma-Workers Network conferences provide an environment for those who work with Rroma around Romania to come together, encourage one another in their faith, and equip and empower one another in their ministries to Rroma people and communities.

It is a beautiful picture to see Christ as the common denominator between all our workers, whether they be foreign mission workers, Romanians or Rroma, bringing down cultural, denominational or other barriers that sometimes inhibit the growth of the Gospel.

Barriers aside, we recognise that some workers are well resourced through their organisations and supporters, whilst others are working and perhaps struggling to live and minister to those around them. To enable all workers to attend our conferences we would love to invite our workers, and our prayer and financial partners to support a Rroma worker by paying for their registration costs on their behalf. This gift will not only be a blessing to the worker you enable to attend the conference, but to the Rroma communities they work with. Together we can reach all Rroma communities in Romania with the hope of Jesus.

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