Financial Giving to the
Rroma-Workers Network,

Whether you’re an RWN worker yourself, or someone wanting to bless those who are giving their lives to serve Rroma people and communities around Romania, thank you for partnering with the Rroma-Workers Network. By encouraging, equipping and empowering the lives of the workers, together we can impact every corner of Romania, through the ministries they are investing in.

The Rroma-Workers Network (RWN), Romania, is run in partnership with Pioneers. As such, all financial gifts towards the RWN are processed directly through the Pioneers of Australia Website. (Gifts to the RWN are not Tax deductible for the sake of Australian Taxation Laws.)

You can GIVE to the work of the RWN in two main ways…

  1. By contributing towards the general ongoing costs of the RWN, you are enabling funds to be used where they are most needed. This includes, but is not limited to, travelling costs to visit workers, ongoing website costs, materials for conferences etc.
  2. You may, however, choose to specify how your gift is used, for example, to sponsor a worker to attend our upcoming RWN conference by paying for their registration fee.

Please follow the giving instructions below to ensure your gift is directed appropriately. 

When giving your gift via the Pioneers of Australia website ( please note…

  1. Under ‘My Donation is for’ write: ‘Rroma-Workers’
  2. For other ways of giving, please email or email Pioneers directly. See contact details below.
It is possible to donate from a number of other countries also, for example, the UK or USA. Please email us at and we can provide further information for how to do this.

Contact Pioneers of Australia:
Phone: +61 3 8814 4444     Free Call: 1800 78 78 89
Postal Address:
PO Box 151, Forest Hill VIC 3131 AUSTRALIA
Office Address (No mail): 1/39 Railway Road, Blackburn VIC 3130

​Pioneers ABN: 39080211730

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